Saturday, 7 April 2012

Correct title - Holy Saturday

 After all they killed Him yesterday!

This is a step too far tonight! It could be due to the emotion of the situation I suppose. I'm sitting here wondering what His family were thinking tonight. Mary, his mother, and Mary his friend, his brothers and sisters, the disciples; what on earth were they going through. What did he endure? There is no one on earth knows the pain and anguish he went through from the moment he watched the torches of his captors made there way towards him in the Garden of Gethsemane to the point where, nailed on the cross with his family at his tortured feet, he was aware that the final moments of his life had arrived. 
Going home afterwards must have been hell. The man that was Jesus would have been intense, driven and assertive and as such the gap left would have been as immense as the man. In the darkness, knowing that he was gone, and in their minds forever, they would have been devastated, aching, in pain, lost and leaderless. The whole of that didn't come anywhere near the actual suffering Jesus experienced. However, you just have to feel for those left behind as  ordinary people who have had someone exceedingly special in their lives who was whisked away in the most cruel and unjust way. 

God Bless