Friday, 6 April 2012

An exciting time of year. Good Friday

I love holy week 

Tonight was the Maundy Thursday service at our church which was a celebration of the 'Last Supper'   a particularly poignant and difficult occurrence for Jesus. As a writer I find myself trying to empathise and assess the parts each participant played on that fateful night.
Imagine that you have spent an indeterminate number of years expressing your feelings about the current situation in your society and that the conclusion is you are unhappy with the way that your faith is being represented. You have looked at the current hierarchy and feel they have lost sight of what their position represents. The teachings of the prophets were meant to help the poor and needy not to maintain a controlling body. 
Jesus was taking supper with his friends but was fully aware that one of them didn't see eye to eye with what he was doing. I believe that Jesus wanted to show his comrades that to lead the people they needed to serve the people. The trouble is, and it could well be an aspect of human nature, that once a person achieves a position of authority the incumbent is exceedingly reluctant to give up that position.
Again Jesus was not, in my opinion, trying to remove people from their positions but rather to have them use their positions for the purpose originally intended. To me it is the age old scenario - power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This is what Jesus saw and was fighting against. He wanted fairness from the authorities for the people and recognition that we are all serving a higher authority and irrespective of how high we rise we are never going to be the Alpha and Omega!

Other Stuff

The above would suggest to some that I am some kind of 'God botherer' and I am happy with that because in all situations I try to learn more. Learning more about Jesus' life and purpose is a fascination for me.

This all stemmed from a very political conversation in the pub this evening! Amazing what can be sorted out over a few pints of Timothy Taylor's Landlord!

Buy my books and some of what is above is in the three published efforts thus far and may explain a little more about where I'm coming from.

God Bless