Monday, 2 April 2012

 A great start to Holy Week. Last night was the first performance of the passion play at our church - 'I-Way'. Written by the vicar's husband and performed by members of the congregation and the music was also written by members of the congregation. A real talented lot of folk!
Anything that I say would be self-serving but I found it a great way to begin this auspicious week in the religious calender which, for me, is the most significant week of the year.
The church was full and any money raised is going to our link diocese of Mara in Tanzania. 
http://youtube/JoFYMlWUyfg - Issenye Choir
Well done to everyone involved.

Other Stuff

I am probably being over sensitive, but then I am, a comment made about Writing v Marketing annoyed me. I write because I want to write not because I want to sell! If I sell that is great but as someone who would struggle to sell fridges in the desert, I resent time spent marketing when it gets in the way of the writing!
Got that off my chest and hope I haven't offended anyone that is not my raison d'etre.
Sold another paperback copy of 'The Biter Bit' - the 3rd Steele novel.

God Bless