Monday, 2 April 2012

Marketing and Writing

I have just spent the weekend marketing 'The Biter Bit' free to download to electronic readers and as anyone knows who has gone through this process it is time consuming to the nth degree. Late last night I go to thinking that I resented having to do it when all I really wanted to do was write!    All very frustrating but it had the affect of drawing hundreds more visitors to my books and hopefully will bring  about some sales!

Palm Sunday
I enjoyed our church service yesterday and there was an interesting 'tale' related to me by a friend.

There was such a run on donkeys for Palm Sunday services yesterday that suppliers began to supply llamas as an alternative as they are more amenable and easier to train.  This created a bit of a furore among clergy and congregations as they objected to the image that Jesus (pbuh) would travel on a South American pack animal!

Of course yesterday was April 1st

God Bless