Thursday, 5 April 2012

Poetry Thursday 4

 Holy Week - Tanka

A week is short time
Dawning with great hosannas
Dark clouds gathering
Like the onset of a storm
Creeping child-like towards Him

A late night supper
Fickle as a teenager
Start with food and prayer
Eating with the betrayer
The stranger left doubt behind

Hatred visited
Jealousy and fear ruled
Blackness of spirit
Burning from the inside out
The confusion of a maze

The power of prayer
Is it mythical and weak
They slept like infants
Innocence personified
Death stalking the horizon

A process begun
Like a roller coaster ride
Authority rules
The crowd like a hungry beast
The hunt closing on the fox

The sentence is passed
Hands of the guilty washed clean
The sun at its height
The burning eyes of hatred
Baying for blood - feral hounds

Skies black with regret
'It is finished' he stated
Thunderstruck temple
Guardians express regret
There was no changing the end

Was it a new start
Cataclysmic flood mark 2
Another washing
Lemmings have taken their leave
The slate is wiped clean again

Dawn blossoms once more
Another garden blooming
He gave us the chance
A nest of eggs that promised
Our future cracked open. 


Two thousand years ago!

God Bless