Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Poetry Thursday 6

A Talk about Writing

Heart rate increases
The dread anticipation
Cold chill of failure

Yesterday I was asked to give a talk about writing and Haiku poetry was mentioned specifically. The Haiku is a way of capturing a moment of experience or a fleeting impression. The above is my initial reaction to the request expressed in the Japanese style.

A couple of pieces from the developer of Haiku, Matsuo Basho will figure in the talk:-

First winter rain;
The monkey also seems to wish
for a small straw rain coat


Usually hateful
Yet the crow too
In this dawn snow

I reproduce these out of respect and they have been translated from the Japanese and so the number of syllables and the concepts may not be a true reflection of what he produced.

One of the activities that I may try with the people who attend is collaborative writing of Haiku. This is a throwback to when I used to teach. It was an easy way of getting children to produce a piece of artistic writing. What I hope to show is that it can be satisfying to produce a piece of artwork that is written. I believe that people do not take the time to express their artistic side often enough and this is just one way of doing that.

I have tried the style in longer projects, round about forty pieces on a common theme,  but have yet to evaluate the success of the final article. I can't see a reason why it wouldn't work if the rules are adhered to although the end result may not be everyone's cup of tea as with all art.



Spirit of the Earth
Mother of all in fear

Chilled by the children

This was inspired by an interview I have just seen on TV with Olivia Newton John.


The receptive crowd
Warmth of successful supper

My hopes for a successful outcome!

God Bless