Thursday, 12 April 2012

A Progress Report - April 2012


My three published novels. Interesting that the first has an ebook cover featuring 'The Scream' by Munch the only privately owned copy of the painting which is about to go on sale.

I spoke to a friend tonight at choir practice who has bought paperback copies of all three of my novels. She was brutally honest about the quality of the writing and said that she felt I was getting to grips with the relationships within the stories and she was quite excited about the third book that she is reading at present.

It was really gratifying that she took the time to evaluate the stories and deliver what I consider to be constructive commentary on the quality of the writing. I must say that I don't disagree with anything that she said. One interesting comment was when I suggested that I should re-write the first novel - she was quite adamant that I shouldn't and said that it is what it is and didn't need changing.

I really appreciate this feedback but need to get on with the fourth book, which is less than half way complete, as she is reading very quickly!

To all those people who have looked into my blog and had a taste of what I have produced I say a great big thank you. I would also ask that if you have the time, money and inclination that you buy a copy and be entertained because all I wish to do, apart from fulfil my need to write, is provide my readers with a source of innocent entertainment for the purpose of escapism.

God Bless