Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A short story - The Orchid

The Orchid

            I’d been looking for ages for something that would live in the relatively dry and overly warm atmosphere of my apartment and had tried cacti, as well as a whole host of fairly standard house plants over the last five years. The results up to present had always been the same. The things would look normal for a month or so, then there would be the tell-tale elongation of the stems with the colour becoming rather insipid green instead of a rich deep hue and finally they would bolt culminating in a trip to the rubbish bin. Even when I followed the instructions to the letter as I had with the bonsai trees the best I managed was a massive nine months. In their case the leaves all fell off! Mother said that I was like her, she could never grow anything, but I remained determined and a few days ago I purchased a pinky/purplish coloured orchid with three flowers and five buds.

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I believe that it is a good exercise to write using everyday objects. In this example I have written 'cold' without preparation, planning, editing or revision because I believe that it hones your thinking which can then be applied to longer pieces of work.

God Bless