Friday, 13 April 2012

The Time Thief

 Where does it all go?

I am soon to attain another year since my birth, the sixty second in fact. I just don't know where it has all gone. The picture above alludes to the Grand National at 16:15 tomorrow afternoon at Aintree but doesn't tell the full story. There is a thief that steals time and if you don't believe me just consider any situation where you had a schedule set up to achieve a goal, an appointment, examination or date, and yet something conspires to rob you of the time available when you planned the excursion.
Tempus fugit - time flies - is a common phrase but apply that to waiting for a dental appointment! Doesn't make sense does it? Time drags. I don't know who suggested that time is a constant but how wrong can they be?
What is all this about? Well when I am writing time gallops away like it is out of control but if I am carrying out some boring task like  polishing and dusting the second hand seems to pause  and consider before it leaps to the next digit on the clock. 
Something I learned not that many years ago, which goes part way to explain what is happening with time, is that when you are ten years old ten percent of your life is one year but by the time you reach fifty ten percent is five years! There has to be a progressive acceleration.
The bottom line is that time is emotional and subjective and not in the slightest bit constant! (Einstein eat your heart out). Scientists have it wrong. The concept of time is a subjective construct described as constant, that is in fact based upon individual experience, and that individuals emotional response to external influences, directly affecting the individual and therefore their perception of how time is passing.
Simple if you say it quickly!
In fact the problem is that there is never enough of it so someone must be stealing it hence the title the 'Time Thief'.

The Grand National, an iconic steeple chase, has drawn £10 from my wallet in the vain hope that I will win more money than I have wagered and it will happen over a period of around twenty minutes to half an hour. 

God Bless