Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A Tuesday recipe - savoury cake

Cheese, pistachio and prune cake

Savoury cakes are very popular in France, they appear in boulangeries and with a side salad on lunch menus in chic caf├ęs, but they’re most likely to appear at a picnic.
Apparently they are super-simple to make and can be adapted to use whatever leftovers you have in your fridge – just follow the basic batter recipe and get creative with the fillings!
I have seen the above cake made and the full recipe is on my recipe page but I am personally not keen on prunes and the other problem that I have is the combinations of foods. I can almost guarantee that I would choose the wrong foods to go with each other but other options include:-
Sausage, ham and sun dried tomatoes
Ham and olive
Cheese pistachio and olives
Cheese raisins and hazelnuts
Carrot and feta

I suppose anything you have left in the fridge.

God bless