Thursday, 19 April 2012

What do you have to do?

 I love a cooked breakfast.

Now this is a problem that I have and I apologise if it is not yours but it could be indicative of the way we are treated as consumers. I love to cook, as my regular followers will have gathered, and when I produce a hot meal for myself or guests that is what it is - HOT.

This may seem sad but as a treat to myself I buy a cooked breakfast once a week and it costs £4.70 not an inconsiderable sum. In the last four weeks I have returned the breakfast on 3 occasions and why; not because it was badly cooked or unappetising but simply it was not hot enough. The plate is usually cold, the food is luke warm and I don't think that it is good enough but also it is not good enough that when you buy something it is not value for money and nor is it good enough that it has to be sent back repeatedly.

What would you do?

The thing is I want to have my breakfast prepared for me once a week, I am prepared to pay for it and as a customer I have the right to expect value for money. We write novels, poetry, short stories and articles of varying lengths and for a variety of reasons covering a plethora of subjects and we try and sell them. If we produced products that were unfinished, lacking covers or ill formatted we wouldn't expect people to buy. The arrogance of restaurateurs can be at times offensive in its negligence and yet they can make vast profits on food and expect to get away with it because they have a name.
It is time that consumers rose up and fought back.

I have come to the conclusion that tomorrow must be my last meal in this same, convenient, place if the standard is not acceptable. I have to make the decision and I will let you know the outcome.

Update - We have white smoke! The food was hot as requested so no complaints. 

God Bless