Sunday, 27 May 2012

Another beautifully sunny day.

Even this is not accurate as for two days there hasn't been a cloud in the sky.
It shouldn't be surprising that our lives change as a result of changes in the environment. For four days now we have had unrelenting sun which has been brilliant in comparison with the wettest April we've had on record. The outcome is that we have changed our life style in a very short space of time.  and have found relaxation and our summer clothes. When writing we need to use changes in the physical environment to enhance our narrative. Within the few short days that the temperature has shot up we humans have altered our patterns of behaviour in an attempt to adapt. If the temperature was to drop suddenly we would re-adapt.

 If a story lasts over a period of time longer than a couple of days then as a writer you have the opportunity to change the physical environment to enhance the story. Relate it to the actual. For example:-

'As Patrick lay in hiding waiting for the approach of his target he was aware that the night was not as cold as expected and he was uncomfortably warm. He needed to remove his Gortex jacket to free his arms so that he was not constricted if he needed to take a shot with the Nemesis sniper rifle that he preferred to use. The trouble with that being his intended target was concealed somewhere nearby. He lay still and wiped away the perspiration as it trickled down his forehead and threatened to sting his eyes.'

A simple example drawn from personal experience, not of sniping a real target, but from shooting in the university rifle club!

God Bless