Friday, 11 May 2012

Art or not?

A Messy Bedroom

The Orbit by Anish Kapoor               

Damian Hirst's Golden Calf

The Angel of the North

The above are just four examples of 'art'. As a traditional sort of man I am obviously a philistine! Each to their own but I prefer representations of a more traditional style.
This is art (Salvador Dali's infamous Clocks) but I feel somewhat cleverer than several hundred tons of steel thrown together.
The preserved calf and messy bedroom are frankly insulting! (my opinion).

I have been fortunate enough to stand in front of this amazing painting by J L David that hangs in the Louvre. The Coronation of Napoleon. It is massive, detailed, skilful and breath taking in every way.
I feel that the Arts Council needs to focus its attention on what I term 'real art' and stop wasting public money on piles of tyres in the shape of a submarine and a cube made from bricks. These things are blatantly not art.
When we write we follow the rules of language so that readers may have access to our expressed ideas but if we produced a jumble of meaningless letters and words without reference to the accepted framework we would soon be without readers.

God Bless