Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Beast of Bolsover

Dennis Skinner MP
Dennis Skinner, the beast of Bolsover, sounds like an ordinary man but has had a distinguished and long career as the Member of Parliament for Bolsover. 
He was born in Clay Cross in Derbyshire in 1932 the third of nine children of a coal miner father. He worked for twenty years as a coal miner himself before turning to politics.
He is renowned for his left wing views and acid tongue, as well as for never missing a Commons session.
Dennis has an uncanny knack of getting to the heart of a topic in a uniquely succinct manner. I remember him addressing the front benches of the House as 'millionaire's row' and he has made a tradition of having a go at the Royal family on the state opening when the Queen delivers her speech. This year the comment was 'Jubilee Year, double dip recession, what a start'
I like him because he is the nearest thing to an ordinary person representing his constituency that there is in the House of Commons and he is not afraid of upsetting the media and doesn't cow-tow to big business unlike many of his colleagues on all sides of the House. I don't believe he has been bought!

God Bless