Monday, 28 May 2012

A change is as good as a rest.




Sometimes it is good just to change your routine to re-energise oneself. Routine is safe and risk free and for those with  OCD tendencies a comfort blanket but every now and again a lurch out of routine can almost create an adrenaline rush.

So tactile

It sometimes takes 'bottle' to make changes but, and let me float this idea, you can always revert! So I am currently closing in on the end of writing my 4th novel, 'A Changed Reality' (provisional title), and I'm considering what comes next. This is both delightful and disturbing as the safe thing to do is to create another adventure in which Patrick Steele can become involved. OR should I be brave and step off into another direction? The choices I have in my mind are perhaps a prequel or maybe a further step into the future. An interesting dilemma.

God Bless