Saturday, 5 May 2012

Finals, tests and examinations

Chelsea 2 v 1 Liverpool 2012
One of the many finals that occur about this time in soccer. My personal favourite:-
Sunderland 1 v 0 Leeds Utd 1973

I passed mine in 1969!

School tests and exams!

What do all of the above have in common? Well there are hundreds of answers but I just wanted to think of two and they are 'failure'  and 'adrenalin'.  Two factors that are interconnected and that have a physical reaction for people. I could list the affects but it is more important to use ones own experiences to transmit the idea of the affects to readers of our stories.
It is interesting how the memories that spring from such situations maintain for decades afterwards. In the case of the driving test over forty years ago I'd failed two previous attempts but it is the elation and even snippets of conversation with the examiner that remain with me.
School exams were a bit of a nightmare because I suffered quite badly from hayfever and of course the majority of the important exams were in the midst of my sneezing season. I received a lot of sympathy and indifferent grades but, on occasions, I didn't care and there is little in the way of adrenaline fuelled memories. However, I achieved enough to get to college.
So when we are writing and there are situations that we want our readers to 'experience' we as individuals probably have a wealth of examples we can call upon from our own history. 
You don't have to go bungee jumping to experience an adrenaline rush!

God Bless