Thursday, 3 May 2012

Local Election Day UK

 A local hostelry.

This public house was used as a polling station today in the UK local elections. These are elections for members to local councils that run our towns and cities. The boards at the bottom of the drive amused me today and I quote:-

Forget the recession
Have a pint!

This just about sums up the political situation in this country and all over Europe and possibly even further afield. Ordinary people would rather have a pint of beer than vote for the self-serving, narrow minded, 'arrogant posh boys that don't even know the price of milk'. This was a quote from a conservative MP, Nadine Dorries, who was referring to her own chief, David Cameron, and his coaliltion side kick, Nick Clegg. The trouble is if she'd been referring to the leader of the Labour party, Ed Milliband, she would have been just as accurate! I'll be interested in the results.

Other Stuff

I had great conversations with people who have enjoyed the Steele novels and written favourable reviews on Amazon. The slightly annoying thing is that Amazon have collated some of the shorter reviews under a longer example so instead of 7 I have 3 reviews!

God Bless