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In 1986 Bishop David Hope of Wakefield and the then new Bishop of Mara, Gershom Nyaronga, proposed that the two dioceses be twinned, and on 10 July 1988 in Wakefield Cathedral the link covenant was formally signed.
Both Bishops pledged themselves to the covenant saying "As the friendship of David and Jonathan in days of old bridged the deep divisions within Israel, so may our friendship build bridges across the divides of distance, of culture and of language".
Wakefield Diocese benefits enormously from this firm planting of ideals and nurturing over the past 20 years. The adopted motto of the link 'Bega kwa Bega' translated as 'Shoulder to Shoulder' has been practised and continues to do so with the many conversations, visits and joint projects by the people of both Dioceses continuing to enrich the Link.
Links with Tanzania have been changing recently as the church in Tanzania continues to grow. In autumn 2011, Stephen Platten, Bishop of Wakefield visited Mara, Rorya and Tarime - the three new dioceses created from Mara. He signed covenants with the two new Bishops: Bishop John Adiema of Rorya and Bishop Mwita Akiri of Tarime and visited Bishop Hilkiah in Mara.
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The Anglican Diocese of Tanzania is a useful source of general information.
Mara Diocese - Bishop Hilkiah Omindo 
The fact is that our church, Christ The King, Battyeford, W Yorks, have had firm links with the secondary school at Issenye for many years. Friends of mine have been involved in the building and development of the secondary school and health centre in Issenye. We are privileged to have the current head teacher , Joseph, visiting our community at present. This evening we were talking about the school and it's needs to continue development and there are always needs but the three top priorities are
1. Electricity
2. completion of the Science lab.
3. A car.
Total cost £106,000
By far the biggest cost is for the electricity.

Three things that we in the west have taken for granted for many years. 
I wish I was loaded!
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