Saturday, 19 May 2012

The place of sport!

The torch started its journey today

 The torch journey began this morning.

I can't help thinking - what is this all about? Don't get me wrong I love sport, in fact many different kinds of sport, I like the Olympics also but there will be parts that I'm not worried about seeing. I feel certain that I'm not alone in this, each to his own. I will enjoy the athletics, parts of the gymnastics, some of the swimming and much more. I just think that many of the sports are not for me.
I have a fear that the effort and expense of holding the Olympic Games will cost more than we receive in benefit. Break even would be fine by me!

Champion's League Final

Chelsea won on penalties - congratulations!

Other stuff

Why is sport so important to so many of us either as spectators or participants?
I think it is to do with an in built need to compete which seems to be against the authority and government. They seem to think that competition is bad but in fact it works well on a variety of levels for we humans.
When we write we are in competition with our colleagues but one aspect of competition is mutually inclusive. We can compete AND we can support each other.

God Bless