Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Poetry Thursday 11

Secrets and Stories
Fog hides their identity
Drives the writer on

This Haiku comes directly from a comment made by another writer on his blog. I concurred with the idea that stories have their own energy that drives a writer almost like a compulsion.
Last week I produced a poem about cricket and since then England beat the West Indies in the first test. The view above gives more technical support! 

Broad, Bresnan and Strauss
Manner of an icy blast
Melted the Windies

Another test begins on Friday. An interesting use of the word 'test' in a game that can last  between 2 to 4 hours or over 5 days. The game is the same but it is adapted over different periods of time to ascertain the abilities of the individual players. In my opinion the ultimate is the five day international test match.

Cricket's History

W. G. Grace an iconic star
Cricket's father in Victoria's reign
Transported the sport to wide and far
Humanity told of the decent game.
Global conflict times two could not prevent
War between the gentleman and players
 The Bodyline test confirmed that event
While real people gave their lives to save us.
Now superstars the object of worship
The media hang on their words and action
Hoping for the moment when down they slip
Their fame is such a fragile transaction

Talking cricket - sport for the ethical
Rules of the game of life so logical

© David L Atkinson May 2012