Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Poetry Thursday 8 - some topical stuff!

But First a Review:-

Having read all three of them I have thoroughly enjoyed myself, getting to 'know' the main character and his self-justified life on the edge! I also love to read about his softer sides, his female interests and the growing involvement of his 'helper' family. Looking very much forward to hear more from Mr Steele and maybe the younger generation who knows!? Mrs D. N. Lees

This lady is from Denmark and has bought all three Steele Novels in paperback. It also led me to other reviews that I hadn't been able to find and yet I'd been assured were there on Amazon. The other comments I received were tagged on to one of my other reviews and are below:-

"Please hurry and get your next book out I want to read more of Patrick A Steele!" M Mallaband

"Unique idea for a hero an accountant come assassin" Michael C Wood (author)

"Needed to keep reading because I wanted to know what was going to happen next" A Atkinson

"Love to read about places I have never been to" Jo von Bargen (author)

Would you buy a used car from this man?

Murdoch’s Empire
A melting, crumbling ice shelf
Bane of broadcasters

© David L Atkinson May 2012


Hodgson for England
In the twilight of his years
Warm glow of sunset
Wash of  summer sea on sand
Icy blast of reality

© David L Atkinson May 2012

AND some darker stuff, two sonnets, on the poetry tab above.