Thursday, 31 May 2012

A thank you!


Every now and again it is good to show gratitude. I am very thankful for the Writing and Readers group at Triberr who have given me tremendous support over the last few weeks. 
I am grateful to all those who have purchased my books and particularly those who have fed back to me and I am fortunate that  all comments have been positive.
Where did the stimulus for this blog come from? I was driving down a narrow street with cars parked on both sides of the road and only room for one car to pass. I did the gentlemanly thing, and irrespective of the fact that it was my right of way as I was there first I slowed, flashed my headlights and allowed the approaching car to proceed. Now a 'thank you' would have been nice - how naive am I?

What has this to do with writing? Well if you are creating a 'good' character it could be useful to remember that interactions with ordinary people should be fair, decent and respectful. It also gives the writer the opportunity to establish a conflict in the mind of a central character - put baldly it gives writers something to write about!
My central character in one view is a killer and yet he is a decent man writing the wrongs of society for the benefit of the ordinary man. However, the conflict is there in my hero's mind. He wants to help but ends up killing because of the failure of the judicial system.

God Bless