Sunday, 13 May 2012

Time again!

It gets distorted!
I retired on June 30th 2011 and since then a number of people, relatives and friends, have asked the same question - 'How's retirement?'
The answer is somewhat more problematic. I think its going ok. The reason for the hesitancy is I don't know what answer is expected. I usually say that its fine and I'm very happy being retired which is true. However, if I analyse how I spend my time, which is for the most part my responsibility, I don't know that it is going that well. 
There are two main reasons, one being I am a part time carer for my mother and the other I can't afford to do what I'd like to do.
These two factors raise other questions. Given that they are constraints that are impossible to change at present, there is still a considerable amount of time available. So what do I do with it and am I happy in how it is being used? Good question.
Having time that is not called on by work or family is a luxury in itself but if, unlike the ruling classes, you don't have unlimited resources, you stay home, do housework and watch daytime TV. Or, as many of us do, you write. I find it a freedom, an inspiration and in itself fulfilling. So that bit of my retirement is good.
Am I happily retired? I don't think so totally but I am lucky in having time that is mine.
By saying that I'm not 'totally happy' is out of a sense of frustration that there are things I want to do but have not yet achieved however having those aims is in itself a benefit.
So retirement is like all life - it is never smooth!

God Bless