Monday, 21 May 2012

A Tuesday Recipe - Pain Perdu

French Toast
Pain perdu literally translated means 'lost bread' and the way I cooked this the bread certainly was lost! I rather over did the egg mixture. The beauty of this recipe is that it is very versatile. In the pic above it is served with chilli tomatoes and crispy bacon but the following alternatives work:-
cherry and basil compote
sliced banana and chocolate sauce
crispy bacon and maple syrup
salted caramel sauce
I don't know whether you've noticed but there is a preponderance of sweet and sour recipes and I don't really like that style of food. Yes I am, seemingly, the only man on earth who is not keen on Thai food either! SORRY!
In response to a question I have no idea where 'French' became the name because there are records going back to Roman times in Latin and also German.

The recipe is on the appropriate tab.

God Bless