Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Wednesday Miscellany - plz read the article at the end!

I suppose the health and safety police would insist we wore crash helmets!

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The best laid plans!
Isn't it strange how a simple throw away comment can totally change the course and flavour of your day and as usual something that writers can use as a 'twist' in the progress of their plot. I read something similar last evening in one of the 'Inspector Morse' stories by Colin Dexter. 
My real example is related to the voluntary work I do at church. There is a health problem with a couple of our regulars so they are not attending the parish lunch but it was the fact that the news shouldn't be spread round which triggered my imagination.
Think of the ramifications if the other members discovered there was a problem, we would have no customers. If the controlling authority discovered what is a very minor problem they would insist we close for a period of time.
'Mountains out of mole hills' springs to mind.

And last but by no means least!

This article was published in the Guardian and if you're suffering masochistic tendencies read it a few times. Once was enough for my blood pressure to be through the roof!

God Bless