Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Another book completed - now the work begins!

The winning post

Okay I have completed 'A Changed Reality' my 4th Patrick A Steele novel. Now the real work begins with my first edit and then finding a cover illustration. 
It strikes me as strange that when you get to the end of a novel and you put the last full stop on the page there 
is the feeling - have I got it right? Seems silly as it is up to me anyway! 
The really exciting thing for me is that I have the kernel of an idea for the next Steele novel. That raises the question about who is reading my books? Well I do know some people who do but I am writing and publishing because I can. If others are entertained by what I have written then that makes me doubly happy. 
For now its on to the editing treadmill to begin with then a cover design then to upload to CompletelyNovel.com for publishing.

I have a feeling that there may be a bit of new writing in amongst the bread and butter work. It's important to reward yourself because it re-energises you for the mundane tasks that come with every project.

A clue for the future!

Congrats to the England football team for going through to the knockout stages of the Euro 2012 competition.

God Bless