Sunday, 17 June 2012

Father's Day June 17th 2012

Father's Day is held on the third Sunday of June in the United Kingdom. It is a day to honor fathers and father figures, such as grandfathers and fathers-in-law. Many people make a special effort to visit their fathers or to send them a card or gifts. There are some suggestions that the idea of Father's Day may originate in pagan sun worship. Some branches of paganism see the sun as the father of the universe. Since the summer solstice occurs around the same time of year as Father's Day, some people see a link between the two.
The idea of a special day to honor fathers and celebrate fatherhood was introduced from the United States. There, a woman called Sonora Smart Dodd was inspired by the American Mother's Day celebrations to plan a day to honor fathers. Father's Day has been celebrated in June since 1910 in the USA. The celebrations in the United Kingdom are thought to have been inspired by the American custom of Father's Day. This is in contrast to Mother's Day, which has a very different history in the United States and the United Kingdom.
Father's Day
Father's Day again
Summer solstice approaches
He is always there
©David L Atkinson June 2012

I have three children and had a visit from one and spoke to the other two which was great. Nice to be appreciated. The day also tends to remind me of my own father who died 19 years ago. We had great times together although looking back never enough of them. 

God Bless