Saturday, 2 June 2012

Hi Days and poppy days.

Don't you just have to admire poppies? They are huge, positive about their own colour, perpetuating and above all natural. They also give us a drug, heroine, that has both beneficial and harmful attributes. Truly amazing!

The history of the poppy is very symbolic and it holds a very special meaning for the occasion that it represents. The poppy seed can lay dormant for years until disturbed. The battle that took place in Flanders Field during the Great War disturbed these seeds, which allowed them to germinate and grow in great numbers amongst an environment of sheer devastation, and lack of life. Canadian soldier and doctor, John McCrae noticed that the poppies had sprung around the burial site of the artillery position that he was in. No life was left on Flanders Field in Belgium – it was a site of total despair, yet every spring when the weather was warm, the poppy grew. This was very symbolic for those who were still fighting as it was a sign of hope, light and life.

This reminds me of a trip to the Carmague in southern France. It was a very hot day, the car was full, my wife and three daughters, and the insects outside were massive. The colours were vibrant and the character of the area striking.

The point is a flower, or any single artefact, has more than one purpose. As writers we have the power to be as creative as we want to be with the artefacts included in our tales. My advice - pause for thought - is there something else we can derive from any object included in our stories?

God Bless