Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Journey Repeated


 The way in front of me was as arid and dry as it had been for the last few days. The pressure was unrelenting and I had very little sustenance left but in the distance I could see something. I know what I wanted it to be but the heat, dehydration and the blinding glare made me doubt myself. The journey so far had seemed incredibly slow which was unusual - it must be age! When I'd made this sojourn on the three previous occasions it had been smoother through the stages, always rapid at the beginning, slowing as the going got tough and choices more varied, then a gallop towards the end which was surprising in itself as it was always hard to finish, to cross the line.
    This time it was different. I was on a path that was vaguely familiar, I was aware of every twist and turn, every pebble under my feet but then there were extra, unfamiliar choices (had I gone wrong) that seemed to extend my journey in directions that I was unsure of up to present. If I took one, or another, or a third, what sort of finish would I experience? I used to be indecisive but now I'm not so sure.
    Keep plodding on towards the end and periodically glancing up to see what it looked like. What if I see something I don't like? Have I the stamina to go back to a junction and take an alternative route? I don't want to go back, I don't do going back. Overall I was happy with how this trip had gone but for the first time it was slightly different which was unnerving me. I glanced up once more and each painful step was taking me to the end and I could see it now. It wasn't exactly what I expected but I could feel the relief building whether because it was the end of another journey or because I was satisfied with the outcome. Only a few more paces and I would be there and then what, return to the beginning and do it all again? Why would I want to do that? Why do people repeat experiences that have sticking points, obstacles and all manner of pitfalls? I suppose it is because they derive so much pleasure from the finishing!
   Just a couple of more turns then done! That's strange! I can see another path and it's calling me or seems to be it looks like my work is not yet over but wait from what I can see it is not exactly the same as before. I began to tremble was that excitement or fear of the unknown?

God Bless