Thursday, 28 June 2012

June 29th - Feast day of St. Peter

Was this his drinking flask?

Of all the disciples the tales of St. Peter are for me the most 'human'. Here was a guy who was feisty, who loved, who lost his temper and who was frail in a very human sense. Yet Jesus loved him just the same with all his faults. Just like us I suppose. In death it is believed he was crucified 'head down' at his own request as he felt he didn't deserve to die like Christ.

Feast of St Peter - Gloucester MA

The St. Peter's Fiesta has long attracted visitors from all over the country. It is an annual celebration in Gloucester, MA taking place on the weekend closest to the Feast Day of St. Peter, June 29. The event is sponsored by the Italian-American fishing community of Gloucester.
Starting at the turn of the century many Italian families from Sicily settled in Gloucester. Having earned their livelihood as fishermen in the old country, they were naturally attracted to this famous fishing port. Before long a substantial number of Italian fishermen made Gloucester their home. As is usually the case, they continued many of the customs they had practiced in the old country. The most important of these, paying homage to St. Peter, the patron saint of fishermen, proved to be the seed that finally grew into the St. Peter's Fiesta as we know it today.
In 1927 one of the Italian-American fishing captains, Savatore Favazza, had a life-sized statue of St. Peter enshrined in the heart of the Italian district. Soon the fishermen and their families began to pray before this image of their patron saint. It wasn't long before the wives and mothers of the fishermen began formulating plans for a religious procession to be held annually on June 29 in honor of St. Peter. Gradually, this annual procession grew to a day-long demonstration of faith to the protector of all fishermen.

God Bless