Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Poetry Thursday 13 - Hold your head up in the rain!

Have you ever noticed posture when people walk in the rain?
Irrespective of whether the air temperature is warm or cold if it is raining there is almost a genetic human tendency to stoop. I'm sure there are physical reasons for this which I have no wish to go in to but we stoop. Today I was watching people hurrying from their cars to the supermarket and back in the pouring rain and it intrigued me. I walked to the store and made a conscious effort to walk upright and it felt good. Did I take some weird drugs, or too much alcohol - nope - I awoke my senses.

Feel The Rain

Feeling the rain fall
Each impact stinging the skin
The summer's bullets
As gravity driven shells
Pushing life into the Earth
©David L Atkinson June 2012

This is a Tanka style poem

God Bless