Sunday, 24 June 2012

Results and Outcomes

I must begin with a special thank you to my block of French visitors. Merci beaucoup!
I am writing this watching England v Italy in the quarter final of the European Championship. Results are so important to get the right one! I completed my first edit today of  'A Changed Reality' and I hope the outcome is favourable.
Half time and we are still level! 
I have spent time on a book cover and I think I am settled with it.

Again I hope it brings the desired outcome. I have chosen this cover because I love the colours they please my eye. What has it to do with the story? Well that is down to individual interpretation and personal taste because I think at this stage for a good outcome a well prepared 'hook' at the beginning of the blurb is essential as is the blurb itself.
The second half of the match has started in frenetic style with England trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of possible victory!
When we have applied the final full stop then the individual effort becomes teamwork. The outcome of the team effort is to produce the result that the individual author desires. One factor that all of the stages of creating a novel have in common is 'effort'.
Half an hour left to play and still goalless!
When we write we have the end goal in sight and I wish the England forwards had!
The actual result of the England Match will occur tonight but for the books we write only time will tell.
Time passes and only twelve minutes left of normal time.
Still no score the outcome is as yet not defined and extra time beckons. When writing we can have as much extra time as we like.
Another half an hour looms and if it is still goalless then the match will be decided on penalties.
The outcome and result will be decided but if it goes to a penalty shoot out then the result, like a novel will depend on one person.
Extra time begins.
Half way through extra time and no score still! I hate penalty shoot outs because football is supposed to be a team game and one person missing a penalty causes his team to lose? Hardly fair. It can ruin careers.
Still 15 more minutes of open play.
The penalty shoot out will start soon. After two hours still no goals. The commentators have described this as a 'horrible situation'. I believe it to be the most unfair way of deciding the result of a team game by putting all the responsibility of the outcome on one man.
So whose fault will it be?
Balotelli scores for Italy
Gerrard scores for England
Montelivo misses for Italy
Rooney scores for England
Pirlo scores for Italy
Young misses for England
Nocirino scores for Italy
Cole misses for England
Diamante scores for Italy so Italy win and England are knocked out of the tournament.
Do we blame Young or Cole or both?
The result - Italy won and the outcome - will take a while to resolve itself for the players. For the team that is also unfair in that they will not bear the responsibility for the failure of Cole and Young.

When we write we do not have the traumas that sports teams do but when we let our 'babies', our books, go we have little control over the outcomes of that single action. I hope people will enjoy the fruits of my labours.
God Bless