Sunday, 3 June 2012

A Royal River Pageant

Canaletto's view of the Thames.

The pageant held today has been in planning for around three years. There were around a thousand different types of vessels including the royal barge. The Queen and Prince Philip remained standing for the whole of the journey and the passing of all the vessels that had been following which was around three hours in total.

The differences between then and now (350 years) are that the river is about half as wide and therefore flows faster and the tidal rise is up to 7 metres. 

The Thames Barrage was closed today (for maintenance) to restrict the tidal difference to about 1.5 metres

 The Thames a few hours ago.

Sadly the one thing the organisers couldn't predetermine was the weather and although the afternoon began fair it soon closed in and by the end it was pouring with rain! Not unlike the Queen's Coronation 59 years ago. However, that didn't dampen the enthusiasm of the hundreds of thousands of people lining the route nor did it stop hundreds of street parties going on all round the nation.

God Bless Her