Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Thursday Poetry 16 - The Nemesis

The word Nemesis originally meant the distributor of fortune, neither good nor bad, simply in due proportion to each according to what was deserved.

Interesting as many people believe 'nemesis' is something or someone that they can't conquer or achieve. I like the original definition myself.

The Nemesis

What do we deserve
A  life of constant summer
Scales of justice flawed

©David L Atkinson June 2012

I use the term 'nemesis' to describe the main character in my novels, Patrick A Steele. He is partially a reflection of me in that he redresses the balance when injustices occur and I'd like to see imbalances redressed.

It's not fair

It's not fair when it rains on holidays
It's not fair when you can't find the football
It's not fair trying to follow a craze
It's not fair when you are picked last of all

It's not fair when she won't go out with you
It's not fair when you can't be a member
It's not fair when you've no one to talk to
It's not fair when the bullies remember

It's not fair when you have to pay taxes
It's not fair when health suffers a down turn
It's not fair when society axes
Its not fair that your mind starts to unlearn

It is fair dealing in reality
It is fair that God gives vitality
©David L Atkinson June 2012

God Bless