Monday, 18 June 2012

A Tuesday Recipe - Japanese food

A rather scary experiment! I have enjoyed sushi for a number of years and since visiting Osaka in 2007 have fancied having a go at making my own sushi. As soon as I began trying to shop in supermarkets in my area I immediately hit a brick wall, I couldn't even buy sticky sushi rice. I ended up buying it and a sushi mat from Amazon! Other ingredients I required were purchased from one of my favourite shops The Japanese Shop in Harrogate, Yorkshire. - you can buy online and the delivery service is excellent. If you want to spend an hour having a look round contact Jez and Hiromi Willard their details are on the website.
Recipe on the tab above.

This is a bit of a cheat in that I have used a stock cube again bought from the Japanese Shop but with the difficulties in buying Japanese style groceries I felt that the Vermont Medium Hot Curry cubes were a reasonable alternative. It is quite tasty and with the addition of some wasabi paste is quite spicy. I haven't written out the recipe because it is basically onions, potatoes and carrots in water boiled for 20 minutes then add the stock cube and simmer until the 'stew' thickens. Today I had some parsnip left from the weekend so that went in along with some left over pork.

God Bless