Monday, 23 July 2012

A Tuesday Recipe - Leeks, poached egg and Serrano Ham

Or more poetically
'Poireaux vinaigrette avec oeuf poche et jambon de Serrano'

This is really tasty but in these quantities not much more than a snack or starter. Some interesting techniques in the poaching of the egg and the production of my own vinaigrette which I'd never made before. I wasn't overjoyed but I think a great deal of that was down to the quality of the whole grain mustard. Buy a good brand I used the supermarkets own. The Serrano ham (Spanish I think) was lovely but can be replaced with Parma or Bayonne versions. I didn't buy a griddle pan but managed in an ordinary frying pan.
My mother bought an egg poacher to use in the microwave and I've used it a couple of times but I stuck to the recipe on the above TAB. The microwave poacher is great if you like exploding eggs!
Microwave Egg Poacher

God Bless