Tuesday, 31 July 2012

C S Lakin asked - What is my writing voice?

A near likeness to Mitzi

At the age of 6, 1956, I was given a pedigree boxer puppy with the very grand Kennel Club name of Mitzi Gaynor of the Whirlwinds - Mitzi for short. Having read C S Lakin's blog, http://www.livewritethrive.com/about/ , about the 'voice' I wondered how my dog saw the world!

A Dog day

I hate being on my own. They go out and leave me all day sometimes. Oh I always have plenty to eat and drink although the food doesn't last long!
My master is at school, his mother will be the first one back into the house, well she usually is after she's been shopping. I hope she's brought something tasty. I love the smells that come from her bag and will root round in the dark and see if there's something for me, a bone maybe.
I'm bored!
I'll try shouting and see if anyone comes. Well that was a waste of time! Maybe a game of hide, well it won't be hide and seek because there is no one here to do the seeking and even when she is home she'll be too busy and my master's dad is usually tired because he works really long hours.
I'm bored!
Fed up with hiding under the table. There's a piece of something dangling there I wonder if I get my claws behind......
I'm bored!
This stuff I scratched off the wall is horrible to taste. It's gone a bit chilly I think I'll have a snooze by the fire. The tiled hearth stays warm with the coal fire flickering above.
What's that...... oh she's back! Best welcoming performance coming up. I love having my ears tickled even the one that sticks up and won't lay like the other, dad says its part of my charm. It's why I don't spend my time strutting up and down and being judged. All that brushing, washing and training can be a bit of a pain so my unruly ear is a bit of a blessing in disguise.
Great she's got me some meat,
"Mitzi, get your nose out of my bag!"
I scarpered under the kitchen table at the shout but it did the job because she'd bought me one of those everlasting bone things - she called it and was tempting me out of hiding with it - but I'd show her.
"What have you done? You naughty dog! Look at the state of that wall! Wait till dad gets home." shouted mum.
What a day. Well at least my young master will be back soon I think and then maybe he'll take me for a walk and I'll get away with my curiosity. What do people expect? If you have nothing to do a dog gets bored!
Dad was back earlier than my master, that sometimes happens but I don't know why. She told him about the mess under the table, wallpaper I think its called. He chased me about the garden with a thing called a 'cricket bat' but I was far too quick 'on the corners' and he was laughing anyway so I don't think he had any intention of hitting me, he'd never done before. It was good to get out and run around.
My master has just arrived home from school can I go for a walk now? Can I please? What a performance I'm so good at getting my own way. We set off on our usual route with me pulling my master round the streets, oh how exciting! I'll just have a look in this garden. No - he pulled me away. Shame that there were some interesting smells in there and I could just do with marking my territory.
That's a strange dog, big too, my master is nervous I'll give it a glare and snarl. He is so proud of me when I do that. Even Alsatians are unsure and tend to run off or leave smartly trying to maintain their misplaced and fragile dignity.
Tea was really tasty, some fresh beef and gravy and with a bit of luck afterwards we will sit in that really comfortable room where I can sleep on the big soft chair for the evening. Then when it gets dark I'll start my job guarding. I take it very seriously and if I hear anything out the back of the house I'll shout until dad comes down. I keep them safe!


I must thank my colleague, http://www.livewritethrive.com/about/ , for suggesting this exercise I enjoyed the recalling of times gone by and the life of a much loved pet.

God Bless