Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Inspiration from nature - A Changed Reality

The editing process is under way and I came across this passage that I wrote quite a while back and thought I'd share with you. I hope you enjoy it enough to be tempted to buy the whole story once it becomes available by the end of the month.

As it was Sunday there was no one about and so I decided to walk off the large meal I’d had up north by setting off along the canal bank that was a quarter of a mile from my apartment. It was a warm afternoon and there were one or two people about taking the air or walking their dogs and on the face of it no one would realise that our country was in such a state of flux. The warmth of the sun was soothing in a way and as the river and canal run close to each other there were parts where the two bodies of water were adjacent separated only by a narrow spit of land. There were benches installed at various points on the banks facing the river and it was there that I parked myself and gazed at the moving water. Id’ always been drawn to moving water finding it soothing, almost soporific and when so relaxed it gives the opportunity for reflection. My mind was turning over the Polish Robin Hood idea when an electric blue flash impinged itself on my peripheral vision. A kingfisher! This delightful species with their long dagger-like bill, tremendous speed from their perch and Greek mythological based name of Halcyon from a marriage of Alcyone and Ceyx had always fascinated us humans. The flash of colour is, for their intended prey, a sign that there time is up.

God Bless