Friday, 6 July 2012

Handling achievement well.

no previewPatience is a virtue.

I have just watched Andy Murray win through to the men's final at Wimbledon. Congratulations to him, his family and his coaching team. His reaction was quite emotional and that is not unusual but I sometimes wonder why tears? The same reaction occurs in kids when they pass exams, their driving test and even getting married. I just wonder why not hysterical laughter instead of what appears to be sadness. Is it out of a sense of guilt because one has done well at the expense of others but that doesn't work in all cases. I can remember being aged 11 and having a similar sort of reaction.

no previewA cricket match

My father was a cricketer and in his day at local club level did very well and so it was natural enough for me to want to play as soon as I could. The opportunity came one Wednesday night in a 3rd team game in the north east of England. My local village team were short of a player and asked me to go my dad took me and was rewarded by being asked to umpire. As I remember, it was 1961, we fielded first. That is our team, Silksworth, took the field and prepared to bowl against the opposition, Washington Chemical Works. During this first innings, that is what it is called when one side is in batting, I was fielding in two positions in alternate overs, point and mid-on. While fielding at mid-on one of the batsmen lofted the ball in my direction and I caught it so the guy was out. These were all adults so a little 11 year old playing was always just going to be making up the numbers but I'd been instrumental in dismissing one of the opposition. My emotions were confused at that age anyway but I remember thinking that I was going to cry! I wanted to go talk to Dad but I was playing in a man's team. No way! Those feeling stayed with me for over 50 years and they are as sharp and clear today as they were on that chilly evening so long ago.

The point is the reaction players of all types of games display when they have achieved success is quite emotional and quite often men display the fact that they are in touch with their feminine side. When we write our stories and if we are fully aware of our own emotions we will engage the readers more effectively by including the unusual reactions that some people display.

So when you achieve success with your books how will you react? As the first graphic shows at the beginning that success may take some time but just keep going and I suppose the longer it takes the emotion you feel will be all the more heartfelt whichever form it takes.

God Bless