Friday, 20 July 2012

My Ten Commandments! - the first 5

1. Thou shalt not be idle.
I was always told by my father that whatever you do you have to work for it. Looking back I don't think he was just talking about earning money. Quite simply you only get out what you put in. The bankers, borrowers and investment thieves need to forget their get rich quick schemes as they work rarely and hurt others.

2. Thou shalt love thy neighbour.
 A brilliant 1970s sitcom.
It is my belief that society is becoming more fragmented for all sorts of reasons not least the rapid development of technology. Texting is officially more prevalent than any other form of communication between adults! There is no substitute for eye contact and face-to-face communication.

3. Thou shalt speak properly. 
My pet hates include weather forecasters who can't pronounce 'temperature'; newscasters who fail at 'Wednesday'; and, all those who persist on creating the new word 'drawring' - boy do I have issues!

4. Thou shalt not pierce, tattoo or otherwise artificially change your body shape.
I think this is a joke!
I believe that what God gave us we should learn to accept, love and be proud of. (I've got room to talk!) There has been a great deal of fuss about breast implants and industrial grade silicon being used then breaking down and causing the patient to become ill. If the ladies having this type of surgery loved themselves as they are and avoided comparing with the models in magazines etc none of this would happen. (A perfect world)
With regards to body art I just wish the perpetrators would think about what they will look like in their later years.

5. Thou shalt treat the ruling classes with the contempt they deserve. (this is not in conflict with No. 2 as they don't have neighbours)
In my long experience politicians, especially at a national level, but too often locally too, are a bunch of self-serving fraudsters whose default position is to dip their snouts as deep as possible in the public trough for as long as possible. They should not be trusted. They should be questioned and held to public account at all times. 

Why not produce your own?

God Bless