Saturday, 21 July 2012

My Ten Commandments - the last 5

6. Be true to thy upbringing.
 A strong foundation but with flaws!
I suppose this is very close to 'honour thy father and mother' although I would add all your ancestors. I'm not suggesting that you shouldn't grow but don't forget who you are and where your from.
I often said to my eldest son that we were a rich family once but the treasure has been lost below ground! I have researched my family tree and for the last 150 - 200 years my family have been going down coal mines looking for it!

7. Thou shalt stand thy round.
 Gas = Petrol!
There's no one worse than the sponge who goes out socialising with you but then avoids paying their round. They should have their wallets removed from places of hiding without the benefit of anaesthetic.

8. Thou shalt not worship false gods.
Money - the root of all evil!
Included in my list of false gods are all sports people who are overpaid, whose skills are temporary; and, who haven't the wit to realise that and so adopt a more humble attitude. The magazine airbrush experts who falsify images which then cause millions of people to try and copy the unattainable. Any glorification of people based upon how wealthy they are should be edited out of all media and that brings me to the final and most heinous false god and that is the media. Their purpose , historically, was to be purveyors of news, that is, the facts as they occur. Now it seems that editorial and opinion, both electronic and otherwise, are of more importance and these two are subject to great manipulation and bias.

9. Thou shalt give more than you receive.

In all situations look for opportunities to be generous, not financially, to others you encounter. Many years ago I listened to a sermon from an elderly curate who admonished us for giving things up for Lent! He was suggesting that it was better to take a positive step in recognising the significance of keeping Lent. Around the same time I attended a course called Investment in Excellence which was designed by the late Lou Tice and had a considerable focus on positive self-talk. An example used was when driving how often do you mentally or verbally abuse other drivers? This generates negative and therefore destructive feelings in the perpetrator. Turn it round and look for opportunities to help fellow motorists. What I try and do is find at least three occasions where I can give way to other drivers. This has quick wins because I have often seen fellow drivers, who I have allowed in front of me in a queue of traffic, then do the same for others. Simple but it makes you feel good.

10. Thou shalt follow the rules.

As humans we spend a great deal of time making rules. At work, on the roads, at home and in all sorts of situations where humans interact on a regular basis we realise the necessity for structure to help the interaction work and to protect the individuals taking part. So why do a minority of people insist on ignoring them to the detriment of their fellow man? Some would say that they are thinking outside the box, as the saying goes. I think that they do not care about others. These thoughtless, dangerous and careless people need control - so follow the rules!

God Bless