Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Poetry Thursday 19 - Passage of Time

no previewHave you ever wanted to press 'pause' on the passage of your time?

When when children were young did you ever watch a youngster try and manipulate a piece of paper or cloth to wrap a 'present'. I recall both children and grandchildren trying to do this and getting into a mess and becoming frustrated because the material wouldn't perform the way that was expected. The movements were assured and strong but the outcome a uniform mess. I don't personally remember the point at which I could complete this type of task with a reasonable level of competence but at 62 years of age I still have it although relatives receiving presents wrapped by me might disagree, but did you know that you will lose that skill!

Wrapped (tanka)

Fingers used to work
The passage of seasons tell
It was hard when young
Like learning to ride a bike
But after time you forgot
©David L Atkinson July 2012

This afternoon my mum (aged 90) was admitted to hospital with breathing difficulties and while she was being assessed she was given a couple of tissues. I sat for quite a few minutes watching her trying to fold them neatly so that she could put them in her pocket. Those skilful fingers that had done so many tasks to make my life more acceptable, that had lavished love and discipline in varying degrees, and that now struggled to service her own simple needs. The brain is fine, she teased doctors and nurses alike, but while she was trying to fold the tissues she was silent, concentrating and determined.

Turn Back Time

I used to do this
As easy as a Spring day
 Complexity now
My mind clear and understands
The fingers are now inept
 ©David L Atkinson July 2012

Watching made me want to press 'pause'

God Bless