Sunday, 8 July 2012

Readers are wonderful people.

I am both fortunate and grateful in that a number of my neighbours have bought one or more of my books. As many writers who sell books to family, friends and neighbours it is rare to get feedback. I have had some and also have friends who have bought my first three and are keen for the fourth, 'A Changed Reality', which will be available before the end of July. 
I had an interesting conversation with an elderly neighbour this morning. The lady is a practising Catholic, very 'correct', in fact quite an example of manners and values dating back to the middle of the 20th century. What I would call 'proper'. She bought a copy of my 1st novel 'I Have To Get It Right'. 
At the time she bought the book I really didn't think that it was her 'style' and she was indubitably being kind.  She stopped me to say that she was still reading my novel, at a page a day, and was I still writing. I had to smile to myself at her comment and when I told her I'd just started my 5th her comment was great,
'You have the habit then!' Lovely! 
The reason I mentioned her Catholicism was because she herself had written a learned text book on an aspect of that religion many years ago. What she followed up with made me feel great. I had told her that I was indie publishing and she gave me the greatest encouragement by advising that I should keep submitting to publishers.
Thank you very much Mrs Kirk!

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Just a brief mention of Andy Murray in connection with yesterday's blog about handling failure. He showed immense courage in speaking to the world after his defeat at the hands of Roger Federer. It was obviously highly emotional but he could have so easily have retreated to the changing room but chose to do the right thing in spite of the difficulty. 

God Bless