Thursday, 19 July 2012

Selling our church in the community

 A partial view on a sunny day.
At a meeting this week we were discussing outreach and raising our profile in the community. Like many Anglican churches there is a dearth of younger families and we would like to change that. The discussion eventually came round to social networking and it was obvious that the levels of experience across the people attending the meeting was vast. Hence this blog today.
 It doesn't look huge but holds around 250 - 300 people and has 21st century technology to support all types of meetings and social events.
The church was built in 1973 to replace Christchurch that had burned down two years earlier and we are planning a variety of activities over the next year to celebrate the 40th Anniversary.
The website for Christ The King can be viewed by clicking on the photo opposite.
Even though the church is only just approaching its 40th anniversary there has been considerable activity over the years. The 80's and 90's saw musical productions take place annually. They included Jesus Christ Superstar and Godspell as well as more modern efforts and had the affect of attracting younger people some of whom stayed. Perhaps we should look towards something similar again!
This year we put on a Passion play during holy week that was exceptionally well received and I believe there are stirrings of a return to the more theatrical.
We have had strong links with the Mara Diocese in Tanzania since 1989
There is a strong artistic trend in church that is exemplified by the 'Rainbow Panel' made from 2000 hand made squares. 

I think this gives a flavour of the type of religious organisation we are and hope it encourages followers to click on the photo on the side bar for more information.

God Bless