Thursday, 26 July 2012

Slip sliding away

There is just no way of stopping it!

Why this blog? Because I can and it reflects my current feelings. The beauty of poetry is that it allows self-expression when ordinary speech is inadequate. Writers may think that they are not good at poetry but I believe it can be the only true freedom for some. Everyone is good at poetry if they know how to let go and write what is in them. You don't have to publish or make public what you write but I have found that as you write more the confidence grows. So with writing our novels, once we are confident, we can stop correcting them and let them go into the world.

A Mass - a body of coherent matter, usually of indefinite shape and often of considerable size.

Going away (haiku)

There's no avoiding
As sure as summer will come
Twilight turns to night
©David L Atkinson July 2012

A Mass - a collection of incoherent particles, parts, or objects regarded as forming one body.

Harmful (haiku)

In one sense harmless
An icy cold day in March
The end of the trip
©David L Atkinson July 2012

A Mass - an unnatural growth in the human body.

The Happening (haiku)

No one knows where from
Like the cold wind in Autumn
©David L Atkinson July 2012

God Bless us one and all - C Dickens 'A Christmas Carol'