Monday, 16 July 2012

Tuesday Recipe - Bangers 'n' Mash with Devil's Gravy

Saucisse et purée de pomme de terre avec une sauce diable

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As always it is important that the recipe is adapted to your own particular taste. This is particularly true in this case. For example I bought Lincolnshire Pork Sausages and used Jersey new potatoes crushed with butter and basil. 
One ingredient that is missing from the sauce diable is the stick of celery. It is interesting that I have such a strong dislike of the plant and makes me wonder if that sort of reaction can be learned and then passed on genetically! You see my mother can't stand the stuff either but that was due to a remedy that was made exclusively from celery.
My maternal grandmother suffered from rheumatoid arthritis and died at the age of 41 a year after her husband was killed as the result of a mining accident. When my mother was a little girl she remembered the smell of celery being boiled in the house on a daily basis because her mum had been told that drinking the boiled celery water would help with the pain of the arthritis. I have inherited the dislike.
It is quite a salutary example of how we take our current medicines for granted and the situation described was less than 100 years ago.
Whatever, enjoy this recipe and I must apologise for the photo, I rather overdid the sauce. A word of warning - go steady with the cayenne pepper!

God Bless