Monday, 2 July 2012

A Tuesday Recipe - French Toast

 A variation on a theme

If you are wanting to make this meal the recipe is on the relevant tab above under the heading of Pain Perdu. I have adapted that recipe today as usual to 'use up' what is left in the cupboards and refrigerator. This is no posh gourmet kitchen.

What I had left over apart from the necessary eggs, a drop of cream and some bread, was cheese and bacon. I fried the bacon until it was crispy and put it to one side while I buttered the bread and added the cheese then put on the bacon.
I whisked a couple of eggs in a bowl with around 250mls of cream and milk and seasoned with salt and black pepper. Then poured a tbsp of vegetable oil in the frying pan and dipped the prepared sandwich into the egg/cream mixture making sure it was well soaked. Place in the heated frying pan and cook until golden brown on both sides.
I had a tomato which I used for garnish.

God Bless