Saturday, 28 July 2012

Wedding Music

 What did you choose?

Today I sang at a wedding, in the church choir with a bit of solo work but what did the bride choose? I have sung at many weddings and for the most part, even in the 21st century, people tend towards the traditional. I can remember when people started to branch out from the norm many years ago. The one piece that sticks in my mind is 'Whiter Shade of Pale' by Procol Harem.
Look at the style!
This was seen as very avant garde but since then there has been innumerable musical diversification to the point where nothing can be taken for granted.
I have been involved in weddings where an original piece has been composed through to a plethora of pop and classical items. So all very personal and vital to the happy couple.
When our choir was told what would be sung today the organist was obviously disappointed because he was looking forward to playing traditional pieces and there is not one! The bride has requested a friend to sing a pop song while signing the register and then they are leaving the church with the choir singing the Beatles hit 'All you need is love'.

Writing is not like getting married, that would be stretching a point rather, but I find that my story is very much part of me, a partnership while in production and subject to loads of choices. If I was going to use an analogy it would be that of a parent. Whatever you prefer within the writing process I find that it is intensely personal, fulfilling and frustrating in equal measures. If someone was to ask me what was the most important aspect of writing I would say the story and its completion, not the market or getting it published in the 'mainstream' way. Be true to yourself first because writing is from the soul.

God Bless