Thursday, 2 August 2012

Celebrating Writers and Authors - Featuring Caleb

Over the last two days, in among my usual musings, I have included links to fellow writers because I believe that if we don't celebrate each other who else will? Perhaps that is overly cynical! What it has really been about is raising profiles so that we are more noticeable and so may attract more readers.
Since the beginning I have had tremendous support from the likes of Jo von Bargen, the Carsons and Suzanne Lakin but there are many others. I hope they know that I really appreciate what they have done for me just by acknowledging my existence let alone the wonderful feedback and purchase of my stories.

Caleb Pirtle III

Today my focus is on Caleb Pirtle III a prolific author of over 50 books, who has tackled a number of genre with tremendous skill and success. The link below will provide much more detail.

The link below is to Caleb's daily blog which is of great value to those who write and of general interest also.

God Bless