Saturday, 4 August 2012

Check out your research you never know what you'll find.

While thinking about material for my blog to be posted late tonight for tomorrow 5th August I checked one of my sources that told me it was the start of the British oyster season tomorrow. They don't look that appetising to me!
As I try to be as accurate as I can, tried to verify the fact as I'd never heard of it before. As expected not verified anywhere. Now that got me to thinking about the novels I write and the importance of accuracy when referring to real places for example. I have been fortunate over my life to have travelled a fair bit and so have used my experiences in my writing, its what writers tend to do. On occasion I have had to do some extra research to double check my facts because as an obsessive compulsive I would be mortified if someone came back to me to prove me mistaken. So I was affronted by the so called 'fact' I'd picked up about oysters.
I don't believe that you can get away with blatant inaccuracy when writing fiction. We have a duty to the readers who may live near or may have visited the setting of a novel to tell it like it is, after all we don't want adverse commentary. These days there is no excuse really with such tools as Google Map and Street View. I also feel that it helps me create the atmosphere of a place to be able to view online. Seriously, gone are the days when it is essential to visit the location in person, some may feel that its cheating, but I just think we have moved on technologically and very fit that it is used.


Christina is the wife of Bert who I featured yesterday but stands alone as a brilliant author. She is also a great supporter of those, like myself, that are trying to achieve a degree of proficiency in our finished work.